Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ice-Cream is awesome

Reason # 544 that i love Tucson:
Nuclear Explosions.

Well, actually, Tucson has not been blown to smithereens (not exactly sure how to spell that, smytheryines? smitherreenes? smitherines? oh well) This is a picture of a Tucson Sunset taken by me on my ever-so awesome camera phone. Yeah....I definitely need to get a better camera.... and learn how to take pictures. Anyway, the sunset was really pretty.

So I went to Mesa yesterday and went to the Mesa Temple and that was a blast. I love it there. The feeling of peace is incredible inside the temple. I just feel like being a better person every time I go. Afterwards I drove over to MC's house and talked with her and my cousin Kayla and her awesome husband Kallam (pronounced like "Kayla"with and "m" at the end)'s so fun saying their names kind of jumbled like "Hey! Kaylamsjsm!" and see both of them look at you. Ok, so it's really juvenile and they probably get so annoyed with everyone doing it, but . . . .it doesn't stop it from being incredibly fun. Afterwards, MC and I went and bought ice-cream. Not to go off on a tangent, but I love Ice-cream. So amazing. While being down here in Tucson I have learned from several women that ice-cream can be used as an anti-depressant, which is also a good explanation for why I am not miserable all the time. There’s always a carton in our freezer (for the record, it’s not always mine). This does not, however, explain why I have yet to reach 150 pounds. Dang metabolism.

Back to the thought about people that have about the same name as Kayla, there is a girl in Tucson (for our purposes we will call her Shayla) who hates me. I'm not entirely sure why Shayla hates me. It's probably because I need a haircut (which I really do). Shayla came over today and let me know that I am the scum of the earth. Anyway, it never ceases to amaze how girls can just look at you with one look, and in that one look let you know that you are the most horrible thing to ever have been created since the invention of the accordian. But, oh well, she probably just needed to go eat some ice-cream.


  1. First, I love desert sunsets. Beautiful.

    Second, I had no clue that you pronounce Kallam like that! Thanks for the heads up. I've said it wrong all this time. Luckily no one here knew how to say it either!

    Third, I LOVE ice cream. I didn't realize, however, that boys didn't know about ice cream being an anti-depressant. Didn't they teach you about that in your 5th grade puberty class? They taught the girls that. Ice cream and chocolate. Especially chocolate ice cream.

    Fourth, "Shayla" probably hates everyone. Not just you. Don't take it personally. I hate the whole world at least once a month. It's a girl thing.

  2. Bro, you are one funny writer! Keep blogging, man!

  3. I never commented on this when I first read it but...
    I seriously died reading about Shayla & ice cream. I think things are looking up as far as your guys' relationship goes... now that you don't see each other anymore :P

  4. PS: you need a new post on here... I only say this because I KNOW you have stuff to post about!

  5. Suspicions confirmed: Shayla hates EVERYONE.