Friday, July 24, 2009

Week in Review

So, i've had a pretty crazy and fun past week, and so i thought i'd do a review of the week with some awesome pictures taken with my craptaculous camera-phone:

1. Scout camp. Fun Moment: my car exploded on the way. Larry (my car) had a nervous breakdown and is now in rehab over at my uncle's shop. (on a side note the kid's name in the picture on the left is Dodge, how cool is that?)

2. We stopped by a Wal-Mart and someone had lined up all of the carts outside in a huge circle. It was awesome.

3. Paul's Bachelor Party. It was really fun hanging out witha few of Paul's friends and laughing. He had asked me to be the male stripper, but luckily it didn't work out. I forgot my speedo. . . . .ew.

4. Elijah vs Yogurt. I looked over at my nephew and he had a purple yogurt-colored unibrow. I looked over at him and said, "Hey Lije, how'd you get that on your head." He looked up at me, slapped his yogurt covered hand on his forehead and said, "Oh, no!"

5. Reception. The place was huge! There was a live band, a DJ, awesome dance floor, ice scuptures and cute girls. It actually was a pretty fun evening minus the boring line.

6. Random Picture of Keira Knightly. So, actually there isn't a reason to have this on my blog and has nothing to do with what happened last week, but hey, she's hot.

7. Car Death #2. This guy who's been hitting on my little sister, accidentally rammed his huge truck into the side of her car. Awkward. The door doesn't open anymore.

8. Room Death. I came home from Utah after 17 hours of driving and looked in my roomate's room. This picture actually doesn't do the actual room justice. It was SO messy. Tyson had made a trail to get to his dresser. It was hilarious. Important side note: that's not my room.

Anyway, life is good.


  1. Room death...that is funny. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that chronicles the mayhem of life with his or her cell-phone.

  2. I love the summary, especially that practically everything you say is hilarious! Larry, eh? I really ought to name my cars real names. Normally we call them things like 'the corolla'. BORING. You inspire. ;) I didn't know that Paul's bachelor's party was more than just brothers & dad. I didn't realize it was such a secretive affair!

    ps. what's up with the Kiera thing? I thought drooling over actresses was a pre-mission thing. Apparently not. Those scouts must be rubbing off on you.

  3. haha that's why you wanted the picture of my car haha I'm glad my awesome picture was able to make it onto your blog ;)

  4. this is a good post. so i guess its time to write another good post! please and thank you.

    (by the way, thank you so much for teaching for me!)

  5. Haha, nice blog. :) You know I should really be working right now, but I'm distracted. :P Love the Kierra Knightley pic.